Real Estate Refund Policy

The buying price shown here is only a token or partial booking value to express your interest in buying this property.

A free visit to the property shall be arranged by us anywhere from Chennai Region upon paying the partial booking advance through our website.

Refund Policy specific to this property:

We will happily assist you through buying documentations for this apartment in each and every stage.

However, when there is a cancellation or a refund request is made, the following refund policy and terms & conditions stands in position to serve you better.

  1. You accidentally chosen an incorrect plot number or an inappropriate location, you may request for a cancellation and switch to the other interested property displayed in our website.
  2. You booked a property through our website and upon payment of full booking advance to the property owner/firm, the purchase is deemed to be complete and refund/cancellation is void.
  3. Whenever a refund is initiated after processing the order and delivery of documents to your shipping address including any further activities; the cancellation would deduct the charges incurred pertained to this order.
  4. There is no chargeback applicable for this property purchase/payment made for this property through our website.
  5. Kindly refer our detailed Refund Policy as stated in this website and also the Terms and Conditions generic to our website for more information.
  6. Cancellation/Refund shall be made via email "" clearly stating your order ID and also further give us a call at +91 73581 63101 to initiate your refund request.

Effective Date: 18/Oct/'15