Cost Reimbursement Terms and Conditions

Since there is a difficulty in estimating the actual cost of each and every demand from customers, and to avoid the contractor using substandard method/materials to finish the job within his/her agreed terms and conditions of the fixed value contract package, we add value to the construction by signing into this cost-plus or the so called cost-reimbursement agreement.

The buying price shown here is only a token or partial booking value to confirm your interest to sign-up this construction contract package.

Refund Policy specific to this Construction Contract:

When there is a cancellation or a refund request is made, the following refund policy and terms & conditions stands in position to serve you better.

  1. You accidentally chosen an incorrect contractual package displayed in our site or switch to the other interested contractual packages displayed in our website.
  2. Whenever a refund is initiated after processing of the order, delivery of documents to your shipping address and further activities has occurred, then the cancellation would deduct the charges incurred pertained to this order.
  3. Kindly refer our detailed Refund Policy as stated in this website and also the Terms and Conditions generic to our website for more information.
  4. Cancellation/Refund request shall be initiated via email "" clearly stating your order ID. You may anytime reach us at our phone number +91 73581 63101 for any queries.

Terms and conditions :

1) An initial budget will be estimated based on the finalized design and construction drawings. This will be taken as our not to exceed value for this project agreement considering zero agreements from the detailed construction drawings made. When the job goes beyond the not to exceed clause, we will have a written authorization to do the deviations/additional works which significantly affects the budget value.

2) A payment schedule to execute the construction works starting from mobilization process to ready to occupy status achievement shall be agreed initially based on the budget/estimate arrived for the project. However the actual invoice will be made upon each and every milestone completions.

3) The time cards where it is necessitated, labor contract measurement notes, material invoices, etc may form part of the claims and the claims shall be verified by the client and further approved to make it as a successful claim. In case of any discrepancies, Dhans Projects shall immediately resolve the client’s queries with true references or actual reasons or change the line items/values if found errors in the claims.

4) The client shall initially/or at any stages, go through the claim process and documentations upon sign-up and provide suggestions to make ease of any procedures/documentations and agreed thereupon to proceed further at any stage of the project. This shall be agreed mutually and shall not defeat the cost re-imbursement intents.

5) The engineering efforts, time-to-time engineers supports, hours spent by admins – direct and indirect staffs, transportation costs, resource/storage space if any/accommodation rental bills,material costs, labors engaged, labor contracts signed if any, etc shall form part of the invoice/claims.

6) Whenever there is a deviation raised from the clients, there shall be a written agreement to proceed for the works. This shall form a basis of records/references for the actual work efforts calculation when there entitles a re-measurement.

7) For replacement of materials supplied by the customers, the efforts/time managements/transports shall be made by the customer themselves. 

8) In case of transit damages for the supplied materials, the transport/freight agent arranged shall bear the cost of replacement.

9) Defective/damaged materials detected if any shall get into the manufacturers’/suppliers’ warrants/guarantee terms. Efforts in replacements/time managements shall not be attributed to the loss/misinterpretation of contractual delaysor in any other means as these are accountable in any of delays/incurred costs in the agreed schedule.

10) Additional efforts in reinforcements or betterment in comparison to the original plans forced to become mandatory, necessitated at the site in addition to the design/finalised drawings, shall be treated as additional efforts/costs. This shall be mutually agreed as and when required.

11) Additional efforts necessitated by client’s request on any of construction works where substantial involvement of labour efforts made shall be claimed as additional works/costs.

12) The materials shall be supplied by the mutually accepted vendors for the scope of supply of construction materials. The costs shall be reviewed time to time if required by the client and value added suggestions shall be provided. Costs difference if any found shall be studied for the betterment of project flow and shall not be a barrier/lawsuit reasons. Dhans Projects shall take the beneficiary seat in such situations getting exempted upon placing orders with the agreed or accepted vendors /suppliers. However, there shall be always an eye from either party to have a review on the materials cost time to time to make aware of the changes in materials cost and we shall fairly extend our support to procure at reasonable costs as this being the criteria to get into the cost plus contract to deliver in an economical way.

13) Time cards/relevant claim documents shall be used by the personnel in-charge, planners, organizers, inspection party, supervisory party, material advisory party, etc., as applicable for managing the project flow with the free issued materials from the owner or for the purchased materials.

14) If there is a delay expected in the free issued materials delivery arranged by the owner, the same shall be informed by a prior notice to the contractor so that the resources shall be utilised properly in organizing other work front available areas. In case if the delay persists for a prolonged time, our management reserves the right to claim for the downtime/loss incurred due to such delays.

15) When a time card is followed for a resource/labor, fair maintenance breaks or time breaks shall be agreed based on manufacturer/work party recommendations. 

16) For any delays in the labor works whose works are monitored on their time cards, the delays and reasons for delays shall be reviewed from time to time for good assessment of the work flow and to get/make immediate resolutions.

17) Incentive programs are based on suggestions/recommendations by the owner.

18) For any relatively higher cost materials, sealed tenders shall be invited. The value for such decisions shall be ascertained by the customer if required/followed based on customer recommendations.

19) There shall be always a construction/installation overhead materials/surplus materials ordered for the project. The percentage of overhead materials shall be mutually agreed based on established construction overhead standard practices or based on the piece of works taken/type of materials/order values/availability of materials/maintenance routines, etc. These overhead or surplus materials are considered to be project costs and shall be kept lean.

20) Other sub-contractors or work party engagements by the owner shall not create room for the delays in the agreed work schedule. If there is any expected delay, the same shall be rightly informed so that the resources are allocated to do other work front available areas. If these delays persist for a prolonged time, the management reserves the right to claim for the downtime/loss incurred in this connection. This is also applicable for the schedule conflicts caused by the owner assigned subcontractors or work party. There shall be an agreed master schedule to be followed by all party and shall be reviewed time to time to find the updates.

21) There is no warranty for the damage of installed items by owner or other owner assigned work party.

22) If the owner or contractor finds any suggestions for the betterment of the project, the same shall be highlighted during any meetings and immediate actions shall be taken to avoid major corrections in the future or any other unexpected loss. 


1) The list above applies to all general contracting and most of speciality contracting works in the construction industry. Exceptions are listed for any service calls made to attend for MEP or HVAC services/service calls at the finishing/or any intermediate stage of the project and those agreements should be kept to a minimum valueby mutual agreements/or taken agreement from the owners to do so as and when required.

2) Any other laws or regulations or any general clause applicable for a cost reimbursement contract or cost plus contract is not applicable by signing this agreement with us.

3) To reduce the risk of accusation of violation of the good faith and fair dealing law by making deliberately low estimates below the actual price of any articles/work efforts/services/those which attributes to monetary values shall not be allowed/ pursued by the customer initially. At any instance, a re-measurable basis shall be adopted to avoid any such loss occurred & for the contractual agreements to flow smooth under this contract.

4) If this contract cease prematurely, irrespective of the reasons, the claim shall be made on a prorate basis along with mobilization damages/demobilization claims by the contractor and to be paid by the client/owner.