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  • At Rs 1,650 per Sqft

Civil Engineered Designs with Guarantee Terms. 


·         Consolidation below the foundation base.

·         Plain cement concrete (1:4:8) using 10mm coarse aggregate.

·         Basement height 3’ 6”.

·         Isolated footing with RCC (1:2:4) using 20mm coarse aggregate reinforced by TMT bars.


·         Framed structure with RCC (1:2:4) using 20mm coarse aggregate reinforced by TMT bars of reputed

          brand  (Arun TMT or RV TMT bars)

·         Columns, lintels, roof beams and slabs as required.

·         Ceiling height 10’ including slab from floor level.

Brick work:

·         Brick work in external wall (9” thick) using cement mortar (1:4).

·         Brick work in partition wall (4.5” thick) using cement mortar (1:4).


·         Plastering in ceiling using cement mortar (1:3) 12mm thick with rough finishing.

·         Plastering in internal and external walls using cement mortar (1:4) 20mm thick with smooth in internal

          and rough in external walls.


·         Flooring with vitrified tiles 2 x2 feet in all rooms with 4” skirting.

Doors & windows:

·         Main door is (Design) Machine cut Teak (polished) door.

·         All other doors are skin wood doors.

·         Wooden windows using country wood with steel grills.


·         Kitchen top with granite stone.

·         Stainless steel sink / Cuddappa stone sink.

·         Glazed wall tiles (4’  height).


·         Flooring with anti skid ceramic tiles.

·         Ceramic wall tiles up to 7’ height.

·         European closet, wash basin, good quality taps (Parryware fittings will be used).


·         Concealed electrical work with ISI switches and wiring (Branded wires (Finolex) & switches (Anchor

          Roma) as per client requirement).


·         1 coat primer and 2 coat emulsion in external, internal walls and ceiling (1 coat of putty for internal

          walls only, Asian paints will be used).


1.    Any special elevation work, weathering course, ground level sump & any other extra work as insisted

       by client are not considered in the above scope of work.

Ongoing Projects

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At Rs 1,650 per Sqft

  • Brand / Promoters : United Professional Developers
  • Product Code: Construction
  • Construction Highlights
  • Structural Design as per IS 456
  • 60 Years of Serviceablity
    Vitrified Floor Tiles
    Plumbing, Electrical, Paintings
  • Note: Price is for Chennai & Chennai Region; Other Tamilnadu at Lower Prices - Please Inquire
  • Rs13,999.00

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