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  • At Rs 1,800 Per Sqft

Attractive Homes with quality assurance and guarantee terms. Civil Engineered Designs.

Specifications& Scope of work:

  1. Project Specific RCC Structural Design with calculations/standards (Min 16mm Rod for Columns and min 12mm rod for the beams for any lowest built spec).
  2. Underground Column Depth: 6feet (minimum)
  3. Concrete Mix Ratio: As per design or standards whichever is stringent.
  4. Beams Considered: Plinth Beam, Belt Beam, Lintel Beam as per design calculations/standards.
  5. Underground works: Min. 1 ½ feet Brick works below Plinth beam from the ground level.
  6. Plinth/floor Height: Max of 4 feet considered.
  7. Floor Tiles: Vitrified Tiles of Kajaria or Johnson, India make or as per client’s selection. Max rate considered per square feet of the tiles is Rs 60/-. Balcony Tiles included. 
  8. Bathroom/Toilet Room Tiles: Anti-Slip tiles at the floor with wall tiles works of height max. of8’ included.
  9. Brick Works: Exterior Walls of 9” thick and Interior partition walls shall be 4 ½” thick.
  10. Windows of max. opening area of 120 square feet considered for a 1000 square feet home construction. The total number of windows of all formats depends on this equation. Separate sunshades for individual window openings shall be provided. Country woods of good grades shall be used for the windows.
  11. Roof concrete shall be of 4 ½” thick and shall be followed as per the project specific design calculations/standards.
  12. Weathering Course with White Cooling Tiles considered. Extended Cantilever Roofs/front facades shall be included under this weathering course scope.
  13. Parapet wall included and the height max. shall be of 2 ½ feet to 3 feet.
  14. Plumbing and standard hind wares are included. Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen, washbasin fittings are included (1 each)
  15. Max. 2 toilets considered for 1000 square feet plinth area.
  16. Max. 1 kitchen considered for 1000 square feet plinth area. Kitchen Base (stone top) with nominal wall tiles included. Kitchen Sink (metal) included.
  17. Max. 4 doors considered for a 1000 square feet plinth area (single or double piece based on owner’s selection) and shall be of teak wood. Doors for the toilets/baths shall be of Plastic moulded types.
  18. 1000 litres sump included (cemented brick masonry).
  19. Septic tank included (cemented brick masonry).
  20. 1000 litres Overhead water tank included (cemented brick masonry).
  21. Electrical wiring, RCCB, switch boards, standard usage electrical fittings are considered. The estimation of number of user points shall be considering nominal usage for a room and subject to additional charges for additional requirements.
  22. Standard Exterior and Interior paintings included.


  1. Sand required for filling the Plinth Height above the said 4’ height &additional filling efforts.
  2. Wall tiles unless specified.
  3. Flooring tiles at car parking or any tiles outside the plinth area.
  4. Compound walls and Front metal/grill gates.
  5. Teak woods for windows.
  6. Any of fancy electrical fittings, lightings or any type of end usage electrical appliances/devices/instruments, exterior (outside home) fittings.
  7. Electrical Connection and electrical mains/main boards.
  8. Water Connection and Boring Well/Pumps and plumbing connected to pumps/bore wells/water main connections.


  1. Anything not explicitly captured under scope of works and if found additional charges shall be borne by the owner.
  2. Though it’s a fixed rate contract, we take immense effort and well considerate in delivering the best and we will provide suggestions in case of enhancements/upgrades available if found during the construction stages. If the cost is nominal and falls under the contractual rates, we will execute without additional charges and this is subject to sole consideration by us.
  3. The above scopes of work/exclusions are subject to change depending on market rates of materials/any resources/any other reasons; subject to sole discretion by us.
  4. The above rates/construction effort calculations are based on minimum 1000 square feet built-up area and shall be applicable for the ground and 1st floor level constructions only.
  5. Additional reinforcements required if any based on soil study/earth conditions/locations shall be borne by the owner.

We provide quality assurance with our in-house developed quality checks and audits. The documentations are recorded as construction reports for future references to the owners for any modification maintenance works.

Additional Efforts are made to provide documented guarantee terms for better achievements of intended design constructed to physical structure. Our Design & Construct services provides this guarantee on inception of any D&C contracts. Subject to client requirements only.

Kindly let us know if you need to customize the work flow based on your cash flow schedule. We shall make a flexible schedule for your convenience.

We shall provide you a detailed Gantt Chart Schedule during project Kick-off.

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At Rs 1,800 Per Sqft

  • Brand / Promoters : Dhans Projects
  • Product Code: Construction Contract
  • Construction Contract Highlights
  • RCC Structural Design as Per Code Requirements
  • Vitrified Tiles, Plumbing, Electrical, Paintings Included
  • Note: Price is for Chennai. Other areas at lower Prices
  • Rs13,999.00

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