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Civil Engineers Excellence, Security Enhanced Flats at Thuraipakkam, Chennai.


  • Pile foundation at depth of 4.8m (approx) average length.
  • Watering and consolidation below the Pile cap at a depth of 1.3m below ground level.
  • Plain cement concrete (1:4:8) using 10mm coarse aggregate.
  • Pile cap (Double mat footing) with RCC (1:2:4) using 20mm coarse aggregate reinforced by TMT bars.
  • Basement height 9.5’ – Approximately 3ft higher than OMR road level.


  • Earth quake resistance design – Approximately 20-25% more steel used for construction.
  • Framed structure with RCC (1:2:4) using 20mm coarse aggregate reinforced by TMT bars.
  • Columns, lintels, roof beams, sunshade, loft and roof slabs as required.
  • Ceiling height 10’ excluding slab from floor level.

Brick work:

  • Brick work in external wall (9” thick) using cement mortar (1:4).
  • Brick work in partition wall (4.5” thick) using cement mortar (1:4).


  • Plastering in ceiling using cement mortar (1:3) 12mm thick with rough finishing.
  • Plastering in internal and external walls using cement mortar (1:4) 20mm thick with smooth in internal and rough in external walls.


  • Flooring with vitrified tiles size 2’ x 2’ (Kajaria tiles) in all rooms with 4” skirting.

Doors & windows:

  • Main door is (Design) Machine cut Teak wood door.
  • All other doors are skin wood.
  • All door frames & windows are with Teak wood.


  • Kitchen top with granite stone.
  • Stainless steel sink (Parryware).
  • Glazed wall tiles (4’ height).


  • Flooring with anti skid ceramic tiles.
  • Ceramic wall tiles up to 7’ height.
  • European closet (Parryware), wash basin, good quality taps (all items used for plumbing are parryware brand).


  • Concealed electrical work with ISI switches (Anchor ROMA) and wiring (Kundan wires).
  • Inverter connection made & provisions are left as per requirement.
  • Provision for speakers is made at required positions.
  • TV points & communication wiring done at required positions.


  • 2 coat putty, 1 coat primer and 2 coat emulsion (ACE) in internal walls.
  • 1 coat primer and 2 coat emulsion (APEX) in external walls.
  • Main door finished with varnish.
  • All other doors and windows with enamel paint.

Security System:

  • Video door calling bell provided, in such a way that the cam provided at ground stair entrance for which lock can be opened from upstairs.


  • Routine Maintenance shall be made on a regular schedule from common fund deposits (avoids monthly maintenance payments).

1)    Best Price at Rs 4500/sqft
2)    Construction Completed and hence the payment has to be 100%. However shall be split into 3 to 4 payments depending on agreements.
3)    Bank loans arranged.

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  • Brand / Promoters : United Professional Developers
  • Product Code: Brindhavan
  • Brindhavan Highlights
  • Video Door Calling-Eureka Forbes Security for gate lockings
  • Brindavan at Thuraipakkam, Chennai (500 mtr from OMR)
    Basement Level 3ft higher from OMR Road Level
    Structural Design as per IS 456
  • Note: Only 2 Units Available (1 at 1st Floor & 1 at 2nd Floor)
  • Rs12,999.00