AT 1800 per sqft Terms and Conditions

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Refund Policy specific to this Construction Contract:

When there is a cancellation or a refund request is made, the following refund policy and terms & conditions stands in position to serve you better.

  1. You accidentally chosen an incorrect contractual package displayed in our site or switch to the other interested contractual packages displayed in our website.
  2. Whenever a refund is initiated after processing of the order, delivery of documents to your shipping address and further activities has occurred, then the cancellation would deduct the charges incurred pertained to this order.
  3. Kindly refer our detailed Refund Policy as stated in this website and also the Terms and Conditions generic to our website for more information.
  4. Cancellation/Refund request shall be initiated via email "" clearly stating your order ID. You may anytime reach us at our phone number +91 73581 63101 for any queries.

Terms & Conditions:

1)      By agreeing to engage us for the construction, you shall be the sole owner or a personnel in-charge on behalf of the owners of the land and there shall not be any misconceptions/disputes against the ownership of the property. You shall be the responsible person in-charge for any such land related legal/personal grievances.

2)      You shall be required to submit us a no objection certificate from the owner if you are not the sole owner of the land intended for construction.

3)      The land encumbrance certificates/no obstruction for constructions shall be your scope in its entirety and we will not be responsible for any future claims related to it.

4)      In case of subcontracting us for any of the owners, the same information shall be explicitly highlighted to us. This contract package is solely intended for the home owners. If any violations, we may suspend the contract without notice and the claims will be on prorate basis at the time of seizure of this contract along with mobilization & demobilizations costs.

5)      The owner/personnel in-charge on behalf of the owner shall be responsible for any grievances/causes of damages related to the land issues if any arises in future.

6)      A scanned or hardcopy of Encumbrance certificates, plot layout and Land registration documents shall be given to us for our records and references. 

7)      Upon sign-up and in receipt of the first mobilization payment (approx.. 10% of the estimate), we will give you a detailed start-up kit.

8)      The start-up kit is project specific and it includes the organization chart, major milestone activities, construction schedule, QAP- Quality Assurance Plan chart, ITP/CP – Inspection Test Plan/Control Plan,Guarantee Terms & Payment Schedule.

9)      The owner shall kindly adhere to the payment/cash flow schedule upon signup for the smooth progress of the activities as per the given schedule (a detailed project specific schedule will be given to you for your references).In case of delays in the expected cash flow, the owner shall inform us not less than 14 days to plan us for the right usage of deployed resources. Also shall rightly inform us once the cash flow is arranged for rescheduling the balance activities.

10)   This unit rate contract is estimated based on the present market rates of the materials. In case if the market rates hikes by more than 5%, then the same will be levied to the owner’s cost. This is applicable in case if the owner suspends the work for a substantially long days where there is a hike in the material/labour pricings are comparatively higher than the existing market rates.

11)   In case of Third party inspection arrangements made by the owner, the same shall be informed to us to capture in the schedule and QAP to facilitate your inspection hold points.

12)   Changes in the plan, material specification in the post agreement/construction stage and the reworks for the same shall be claimed in proportion to the unit rate and also in proportion to the effort spend on the enabling activities. An estimate will be given for such works prior to execution for owner’s approval.

13)   A tentative pricing schedule of materials like floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen sink, washbasins, hindwares, electrical fittings, a kitchen smoke evacuation fan will be provided for your preferences. Choosing higher priced materials apart from the basic package shall be borne by the owner.

14)   Additional charges are applicable for the Design, Government/Authority Approvals, Electricity Connection, temporary electric mainboard panels, Well Boring for Water or Water connection and any pumps.

15)   Supply of electricity & water required for the construction shall be borne by the owner.

Effective Date: 21/Oct/'15