Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing and having faith in us.

Once the order is placed with us, a tentative shipment, delivery schedule will be given to the customer via Email. For any inquiries/clarifications, customer shall reply to the same email or call us at +91 78453 67681

The schedule will include status update of the order starting from verification & processing of credentials/delivery location, packing, shipment and delivery to the customer’s specified address. In case required a confirmation will be made with the buyer.

All the accepted orders will be delivered within 15 calendar days. The same will be notified via email upon placing orders. Any delays will also be notified via Email along with new expected date/duration of delivery. The entire order status will be notified then and there vide email to the buyer’s email ID given when the order is placed.

Delays due to the following reasons shall not be attributed to us.

1)      Any local/national government holidays or due to any problems related to local bodies leading to shutting/partial shutting of transports.

2)      Any natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events/ due to force majeure.

3)      Any local/national strikes leading to interruption/ cessation of transports or other such cases in which reasons are not pertained to us.

If the order is cancelled before order shipment because of following reasons, a refund request shall be made by the buyer:

1)      Upon customers sole interest/personal reasons.

2)      If packaging/forwarding is delayed by the shipper within the specified time schedule. These delays will be notified via Email to the customer.

3)      If the status updates are unknown for prolonged time/no updates given to the customer about the shipment beyond the shipment schedule given to the customer.

4)      If there is no adequate quantity available at the shippers end.

5)      If shipper notifies any other unavoidable circumstances to process the order further.

6)      Service or delivery unavailable at customer’s specified location.

7)      If any change in original prices by the seller due to unavoidable circumstances and if the same is not agreed by the customer.

        The order cancellation is not applicable after seller/shipper has shipped the shipment. The actual shipment notification will be given to the customer via Email.

        The delivered order shall be cancelled or a refund request shall be made by the customer due to following reasons,

8)      Defects found/damages while shipping transit/wrong products shipped.

9)      Package damages which are not accepted by customer while delivery due to expected possibility of damages in the packed product.


10)  Order cancellation or full refund is not applicable if wrong shipping address is given/if the location is not reachable - without connected roadways/customer unavailable after actual shipment is made. Applicable transit charges, processing fee shall be deducted from the amount/or collected from the customer.

11)   Order cancellation shall be initiated within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt, customer shall either notify through emails quoting the order ID.

12)   Full Refund is not applicable if the goods are damaged upon return/partial returns/packaging damaged/freebies not returned.

13)   Refund is not applicable if customer denies to accept those goods said non-cancellable upon delivery, or the same cannot be cancelled for any reasons after delivery (some eg. are sand, bricks, cement bags, gravels, TMT bars, steels, forged fittings, plumbing materials, etc as those mentioned in the product pages. A detailed list is given below).

14)   For those materials where buyer’s inspection arrangements are/were made and the materials are secured for dispatch, the same shall not be cancelled/full refund is not applicable.

15)   For land or home booking advance refunds, please follow the separate conditions as mentioned in the individual item pages.

16)   Any Gift Coupons or Gift Certificates or Gift Vouchers or any Gift Items are not subject to refunds.

17)   Customer shall notify us about the defects/damaged freebies if received. Appropriate measures/stringent actions will be taken to avoid further dispatch of such items/damaged articles as freebies.

18)   All the refunds will be made via bank transfers only. The buyer shall provide the bank account details for refund processing. The refunds will be processed in 15 working days from the date of approval of refund request. In case for the delivered items refunds, the same shall be initiated upon receipt of returned goods along with the entire package, freebies as supplied.

19)   For the refund mode of booking advance in the case of home/land buys, please follow the individual item pages terms and conditions. 

20)   We will notify you via email about the status of refund from the date of refund request made till refund delivered to you successfully upon refund request approval.

21)   The invoice will be sent to you while delivery or via Email.

Cancellation and Refund related to Real Estate Buy:

The items under real estate specify to all the lands or homes sale exhibited/purchase made vide our website.

  1. If the cancellation is initiated within 5 calendar days, the entire amount will be refunded.   
  2. If the cancellation is initiated after 10 calendar days or after delivery of documents related to the asset, there will be deduction for the transit charges and processing charges depending on the location delivered; the same shall be calculated and deducted refund will be notified to the customer.

Note 1: Service Contracts

The contractual or engineering or any service packages booked vide our website are not applicable under real estate category. Cancellation of these service packages are not applicable as these carries the guarantee/service terms for all the services provided. We will attend the repairs as given in the guarantee/service terms. The guarantee/service terms are specific to each and every service rendered and shall be provided upon customers request to attend for any faulty services/as applicable. If we couldn’t able to deliver our service for any reason, premature to the start of the intended services, we will refund fully within 15 working days, else we follow the contractual agreement we made with the owner/buyer for any contracts as signed with us. The images depicted in our website is only for illustrations and actual services/construction may vary.  

Note 2: List of non-cancellable items

  1. Bricks (conventional or cement bricks) , river sand, gravel, cement bags, iron rods
  2. Plumbing materials, fittings, tubing materials
  3. Piping materials
  4. Steel structural materials

Note 3: Manufactured/Fabricated Product Images depicted in the website are only for illustration purpose and the actual product may slightly vary.

The hardware which is going to be a part of fixed assets shall not be initiated for any returns as they are considered non-defectives/inspected before actual shipment is made. However, those manufacturer defective items if delivered shall be considered for returns/ replacements.

The tools or machinery which are defective with respect to its prime movers shall be returned/ replaced.

Kindly read our website generic and page specific Terms and Conditions applicable in conjunction with this Refund Policy.


Effective Date: 18/Oct/2015