About Us

Our foremost aim is to provide professional engineering and construction services with established quality assurance & inspections standards and to provide documented guarantee terms.

Let this shall be a simple home construction or a piece of maintenance service or an engineering support to any industrial sector; our commitment is to provide documented quality records with guarantee terms which will speak for our state of the art expertise works.

We are teamed up with engineers experienced in national & international projects in the streams of civil, mechanical and E&I engineering disciplines. Our Quality Assurance & Controls (QAC) is formulated best in class to provide quality in engineering & construction services.

We are committed for a comparatively economical (we also follow cost reimbursement contracts in contrast to fixed-price contracts to show the actual incurred expenses) delivery with life time relationship based services. The executed service logs are devised to get stored and we provide continuous support for our clients.

Our terms & conditions are coined explicitly to provide a clean project delivery from our side.

Our intention is to provide a completely online engineering/professional support at your ease to sit back and relax. Enjoy the services and kindly give your feedback for our lessons learnt references and continuous growth to support you better.